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Hello! You have found a professional counsellor

This is a safe and confidential place to share anxious concerns that are distracting your days, disturbing your nights. 

You will find me, Iain A. Morrison,  professional, non-judgemental, deeply empathetic and immediately effective in relieving you from the stress of anxiety, depression, relationships, negative self talk.

 I assert this confidently for a host of testimonials strongly suggest it. 

"I found Iain to be extremely helpful. He skillfully got to the heart of the matter that was troubling me, relieved my immediate distress through his assessment of the situation, and... Concentrated and effective: Thank you!"

I address any issue in absolute confidence.

We can start right now by phone 24/7. All these numbers reach my secure BlackBerry for a local national call:

LONDON +44 207 993 5056

MANHATTAN +1 646 688 5051

MADRID +34 918 295 172

SYDNEY +61 29 191 2916

AUCKLAND +64 497 472 40

You can also find me at:



                                              as a verified Counselor with over 1,200 client counseling testimonials.

My fees are, $US100 per hour, pro rata. After our session, only if you were helped, you pay online encrypted through PayPal by credit/debit card. I never see your card details.  See 'Session Fees'

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