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Professional Counseling

You will find me an effective, empathetic Psychotherapist and gain immediate relief managing relationships, depression, worry, conflict, hurt.

Abusive Relationships

Abuse can be hell on earth, even trap you in a psychological disorder. You are not alone. I’ll teach you coping strategies that will release you, or restore the love.


ADD/ADHD is as hard on the family as it is upon the afflicted. Fortunately it is now well understood as is its management that I will share with you.


How does the joyful patter of tiny feet turn into that adolescents resentful scowl? I will share fundamentals of loving parenting that you may have overlooked.

Anger Management

You can send me your international phone number to below phone numbers or email address.

Anxiety & Stress

24/7 illuminated concrete urban life is not our grassland natural habitat, no wonder the stresses show, but together we will rebuild your resilience.

Breaking Up & Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do; no truer words. Is it right, or is it avoidable? Whichever we decide, I am with you every step of the way.

Child Development

'Normal' is of course largely a social construct nonetheless there are desireable traits in emotional development that I will encourage you to foster.


Finding and sustaining a loving relationship excites, hurts and confuses us in equal measure! But there are fundamentals of success that I will share with you.


Feeling depressed is often so miserable so disabling that life seems hopeless even pointless but happily it is so well understood that new therapy actually works!

Education Specialists

Having taught Primary thro Tertiary then Director of Studies of a College, I will address your issues insightfully.

Family Therapy

From us working together will flow mproved communication and an insightful understanding of each other’s emotional needs which I then help you to meet.

Grief & Loss

So often, unbearable pain now, is the price of the happiness then but you are not alone; together we will ease the hurt and help you carry on.


When we realise our partner is cheating, we are thrown into anguish; walk away or fight for love? I’ll help you make the right choice then sustain you.

Marriage Counseling

Marriages that begin in joy can end in hell for want of understanding each others emotional needs. I will teach you how to hold hands again.

Mental & Emotional Health

At the heart of happiness and stability is our mental health but too much stress makes us vulnerable to breakdown. I teach proven Coping Strategies that restore and protect.

Mid-Life Crisis

I bought a big motorcycle! What did you do? Seriously, it can be a time of disillusion and depression. I empathise. I will help you find your way again.

Pain or Illness

Thankfully pain management is now an advanced clinical science but there is a psychological component that, handled insightfully, will make all the difference.

Personality & Emotional Disorders

"I have been diagnosed with …. therefore I can’t ….” Together we quit this disabling over medicalised cant and empower you to manage your challenges using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


Phobia is actually fear, sometimes triggered unconscious fear but proven cognitive behaviour therapy will uninstall it and give you back your freedom.


Loving attachment is the probabaly the greatest source of our happiness - till it goes wrong - I can help you deal with the hurt and often find a resolution.

Single Parenting

Single parenting is not desirable but sadly so often a lonely necessity. I will empathetically support you and help you compensate insightfully for the missing partner.


Being tempted to take your own life is a coping strategy ususally as an apparent escape from pain and despair. BUT there are much more functional solutions that will restore your faith in yourself and your life.

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