My published books


A psychoanalytic perspective on society’s dysfunctional response to challenging behaviour of school pupils. If we, as the teaching profession, can rise to the challenge of these insights, we will no longer continue to further abuse damaged children. We won’t be aloofly delivering a curriculum to an address where they cannot live. We will be teaching effectively. We will see young people begin to be more in control of their less conflictive, emerging selves. We will see them beginning to own their acquisition of learning, skills, and sensibilities.


An autobiographical account of adventures along the way sailing a 26ft Folkboat from England to Brasil, deflected by impossible winter weather through French inland waterways to the Mediterranean, Spain, then to Gibralter, the Canaries and the Cape Verdes to a singelhanded crossing of the South Atlantic to Salvador, Bahia and Brasilian escapades worthy of Jorge Amado. With thanks to stalwart crew, Paddington Bear.