Testimonials To Effective Therapy

"You are the one therapist that one can rely on to be available anytime anywhere and who makes the client feel really cared for which I always found comforting and important especially in times of deep distress and when I felt I needed reassurance and a dose of strength."

"Iain operates on numerous planes, profound and pragmatic and very helpful. as one who cuts through nonsense professionally, i am impressed by how he grasps nuances that matter readily, and offers help that seems very much what is needed"

"Iain is the best, absolutely kind and caring, i love every minute with him as he knows how I feel and how to make things better. I spent endless hours In Rooms with therapists before only for them to hand me tissues. Iain will find a solution straight away and keep you on track."

"Made it really easy to get started and open up. Great first session."

"Mr. Morrison is a great person. He really seemed to know what I was dealing with. It was great for someone to finally listen and respond with stuff that actually made sense! "

"Great help...he was really good and was a great help to me... Great professional"

"He has really helped me understand stress alot better... Thank you!!!"

"Very thorough and kind!!!"

"Provides direct feedback with compassionate concern. He will get to the root of the issue quickly, and expects you to equally face up. Not for the faint of heart. His concern can be felt across oceans."

"With a shiver I say, "He's awesome." He's not a fluffy greeting card full of things I want to hear. He kindly gets to the heart of matters quickly."

"The best counseling I have ever received. He listens and he helps you get "unstuck"."

"He was wonderful. I feel SO much better after chatting with Iain!"

"Very insightful!"

"Amazing! This counselor has a wonderful sense of humor to help you feel at ease, and gives solid feedback and techniques to help you out of an unhealthy situation. Thank you so much!"

"He is exceptional. He got right to the point of what was causing me a lot of problems and helped me to resolve it. I would definitely recommend him for all sorts of issues!"

"It's easy to do the homework and attend the classes when the teacher is so good! :)"

"So kind and helpful. Has a great insight and a gentle manner."

"Very intuitive and excellent advice giver!! Thank you. Highly recommended."

"Very caring. really like him"

"You are excellent in your field"

"Superb guidance. The counselor homed right in on the situation, asked perceptive quetions, and gave practical and compassionate responses. A very helpful consultation. I would highly recommend this person. Thank you!!"

"Very kind and compassionate with tremendous insight into what is happening in my life. Thank you, Ian."

"Always there with great insight and helped to move forward."

"You really helped me remain calm and be the parent/grandparent I want to be."

"He's really positive and helpful and stays in the "now" which is very grounding."

"I think he is a very compassionate person and has had personal life experience to support what he says."

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are caring, compassionate, and quite obviously experienced with children's issues... I found with you what I haven't been able to find in over one year of searching in my area! You are model for psychiatrists/psychologists everywhere!"