Psychotherapy by Psychoanalytic Counselling

In Psychoanalytic Counselling with me, the coping skills you learn in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will relieve your present stressors whilst insights from Psychoanalysis reveal fundamental issues and help secure your emotional future.   

The latest brain scan research on the neurobiology of Psychotherapy has shown CBT causing changes in brain activity that parallels the effects of antidepressants and often with more long term benefit for preventing recurrence of depression, for example. The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience has an excellent review of this neurology research: 

The UK's Royal College of Psychiatrists has an excellent pamphlet on the methods of CBT:

Aaron Temkin Beck (1921) - the father of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
Aaron Temkin Beck (1921) - the father of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

In Session

Our phone or chat sessions begins with your narrative then your response to my promptings begin to dispel the fog of confusion, pain, anxiety and anger.

You become more aware of your unmet needs. You begin to see what you want more clearly. You acquire the skills  to carry these insights into changed rewarding behaviours.

My testimonials witness the immense effectiveness of gaining these fresh insights and then crafting a new action plan.

Complete Confidentiality

I repeat, the issues that you bring can be absolutely anything and always in complete confidence. You will find that our collaborative rapport yields a sense of release  and an enabling perspective on the tribulations you are enduring and the choices you have made. This progress immediately enhances  the quality of your interior life. It also has the potential to transform  your personal and social relationships be they at home, in education, at work or in society. You will also find yourself better equipped to guide and care for those whom you love and for whom you are responsible.

You Will Find…

That I am not an ivory tower academic or not only so. That I bring to my side of the table, personal real life experiences of the good times and the hard times, with love and happiness, but also with the ordinary need to face the reality of difficulty, distress, even crisis, in the lives of myself, family, very close friends and of course innumerable clients. You will know I truly understand when you realise that I too have probably been there or very close by. I am effective because I have recourse to a tool box of approaches; insights informed by psychoanalysis, current behavioural psychological, brain and genetic research and implemented by techniques from NLP,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Brief Therapy and ACT. I may even ask for time out whilst I research the latest understanding of your special issue.

You can acquaint yourself with more of this current thinking at: and

I began with 'collaborative rapport' and end by emphasising it. It is our empathetic collaboration that encourages you but it is you that takes responsibility for achieving your goals and in your success, rediscovering a more confident you.